During the Covid-19 lockdown, I have started to learn how to create interactive websites and web apps using Javascript and Python Flask. The Python Pytorch library has been also used to create, train, and employ Neural Networks.

Here some of my creations.


Cute rabbits doing some Fibonacci

Rabbits love Fibonacci and when it is spring time they pop up from the grass looking for fresh flowers to chew. At the beginning, only one single rabbit could be spot, then a second one, and very soon, in a few generations, hundrends and hundrends of cute rabbits happily jump in the garden. Rabbits reproduction can be modeled by the Fibonacci sequence.


Fibonacci loves also spirals

Nature hides Fibonacci numbers a bit everywhere. Flowers, for example, often show spirals whose patterns are connected to the Fibonacci sequence. These spirals are called Vogel Spirals. Here you can play with a Vogel Spiral and discover its hidden structures.

Have you noticed that images in these page follow the Golden Ratio, another quantity that is related to the Fibonacci sequence?


This is not a Real Italian Coffee

I do love coffee. My favourite is Italian-style coffee. More specifically, Macchiato and Marocchino are on top of my list. Here the question: how many Italian-style coffee exist? I think this is an ill posed question. We should specify, how many Real Italian-style coffee exist in Italy and how many Not Real Italian-style coffee exist outside Italy? Every year, outside Italy, new Not Real Italian-style coffee are created and named with Not Real Italian names. Here, I want to help all these coffee creators to find the best Not Real Italian name for their Not Real Italian Coffee. Enjoy!


Le Cadavre Exquis

In an old house at rue du Château 54, in Paris, the screenwriter and actor Marcel Duhamel, the poet Jacques Prévert et the painter Yves Tanguy, in 1918 invented a literary game who will have a lot a success among surrealists. The rules, as reported by the Dictionnaire abrégé du surréalisme, are very simple: people add a sentence or a drawing to a piece of paper whose previous additions are concealed.

In this personal reintrepretation, people can create in a similar fashion collaborative stories. Stories can be unfold from the beginning to the end or from the end to the beginning.